Siskiyou Wilderness

Siskiyou Wilderness

The Siskiyou Wilderness is the third largest wilderness in far Northern California coming in at just shy of 180,000 acres. It provides the pristine headwaters for two forks of the Smith River, the last major undamned river in all of California, as well as a number of equally pristine tributaries of the Klamath River, including Clear Creek, along the course of which runs one of the greatest National Recreation Trails.

Along with it’s wild waterways, the Siskiyou Wilderness is defined by its jagged  seemingly never-ending ridge lines with views of the prominent Preston Peak, all the way West to the Pacific Ocean. This is bigfoot country, with very light visitation on many of the trails, massive old growth forests, and some of the most biologically diverse plant ecosystems in the West.

What We Love About
the Siskiyou Wilderness:

“Spending a few days in the Siskiyou Wilderness allows you to truly feel what it’s like to remove yourself from the civilized world. Whether atop a serpentine ridgeline or running along the banks of free flowing rivers, your senses are heightened, and your curiosity piqued by the vastness of this untouched landscape.”

-Ryan Ghelfi, Wilderness Fastpacking Founder

Trips in this Wilderness Area