Wilderness Areas Where We Fastpack


Wilderness Areas Where We Fastpack

Far Northern California is outside the range of most people’s radar, even people who are in the know. It’s much less famous than the many wilderness areas and National Parks (which contain mostly wilderness lands) in the Sierra Nevada further to the South and East. But what far Northern California lacks in notoriety, it more than makes up for in scale, ruggedness, and the quality.

In 2021, Wilderness Fastpacking has trips available in three of our favorite Northern California wilderness areas. You can read more about each of these places in the links below and see which trips are being offered in them this season.

Wilderness is part of our American heritage

It’s like no other land designation. We believe that it is extremely important that we continue to protect and preserve our wilderness lands at the highest levels. We also believe that people need to be able to experience these places in order to care enough to protect them.

It’s our mission to share these wild landscapes so others can have the opportunity to experience the joy to be had within them, and help us continue to protect them.