Marble Mountains Wilderness

Marble Mountains

The Marble Mountains lie just a couple dozen miles to the North of the Trinity Alps and are part of the same greater Klamath Mountain range. The Marbles have been protected for a long time, since 1931, when they were designated as a primitive area. This was over 30 years before the federal Wilderness Act was passed. You can feel the lack of human intervention in the vast interior of this 225,000 acre wilderness, second to only the Trinity Alps in size in Northern California and Southern Oregon. 

There are 89 lakes, and hundreds of miles of trail providing nearly limitless options for fastpacking adventures. Much like the Trinities, you can explore the Marbles for your entire life, and surprises will still remain. Human use is moderate to very light.

What We Love About
the Marble Mountains Wilderness

The marbles feel less explored than many other wild landscapes we’ve been to. Once you get a bit off the beaten path, it feels quieter, more peaceful, a place that can awaken all your senses. A place where you will be able to let all of life’s distractions slip away from your mind.

Trips in this Wilderness Area

August 6 – August 8, 2021

2 Night Endurance Fastpack – Marble Mountains Wilderness

Marble Mountains Wilderness