Trinity Alps Wilderness

Trinity Alps

The Trinity Alps is the largest of the wilderness areas in which we offer trips. It’s also the largest wilderness area in far Northern California, with over 537,000 acres of terrain. It holds the highest peaks west of Interstate 5, at just over 9,000ft. There are dozens of the clearest, most beautiful lakes, expansive meadows, soaring granite spires, and 550 miles of designated trail. You could easily explore this range for a lifetime and not see it all. The Trinities also hold the lowest and last remaining glaciers in the Coastal mountains of California and Oregon. 

At Wilderness Fastpacking we do our best to make sure you’ll get the best of what the Trinity Alps has to offer. We’ll visit places like four lakes basin, the Stuark Fork, Caribou Basin, Swift Creek, the South Fork of the Salmon, among many more lakes, peaks, and river valleys of the range. 

What We Love About
the Trinity Alps Wilderness

It’s sheer diversity of color, the Red Peridotite, white granite, emerald colored lakes, and expansive green forests mix together in one of the most sublime mountain environments anywhere in the world.

Trips in this Wilderness Area

July 16 – July 18, 2021

2 Night Endurance Fastpack – Trinity Alps Wilderness

Trinity Alps Wilderness